The Best Hotels in Barcelona

Mercer Hotel

If you’re looking for a 5-star hotel in Barcelona, Spain, then look no further than the Mercer Hotel. People who want to experience the best in a quality hotel choose Mercer Hotel for their incredible services... read more

Hotel Barcelona

Sometimes the expense can be a bit much for 5-star hotels in Barcelona, Spain. The good news is you can get many of the same services and quality of rooms if you elect to go with a 4-star option... read more

Hotel Jazz

Hotel Jazz of Barcelona is an amazing 3-star hotel choice. It is located between Plaza Catalunya and Passeig de Gracia. Many people find that staying at this hotel, especially after a luxury cruise is one of the best ways to learn your way around... read more

Pension Segre

Sometimes affordability issues makes it difficult to book rooms with 4 or 5-star hotels. When this is the case, many people opt for 2-star hotel options. Unfortunately many of these types of hotels do not take... read more

Amiga Bed & Breakfast

Sometimes all that’s necessary to achieve a great traveling experience is to book a stay at a bed and breakfast. In Barcelona you have several different choices of establishments, but... read more