Amiga Bed And Breakfast

Sometimes all that’s necessary to achieve a great traveling experience is to book a stay at a bed and breakfast. In Barcelona you have several different choices of establishments, but one of the best is called Amiga Bed And Breakfast. Many people love this place because a bus can take you almost directly there from the airport. It is located in the heart of Barcelona, which allows you to have access to some great sites and tourist attractions. Perhaps the best part about Amiga, is that it has many more options than your average bed and breakfast.

The prices are really astounding when you consider all that you get for the money. Prices range from £55.00 to £90.00, depending on the nature of your stay. For example, you can get a single room for £55.00, or a double room for £90.00. Additionally, Amiga Bed And Breakfast will accommodate your sleeping needs. You can order an extra cot for £5.00, or an extra bed for children up to 8 years old for only £25.00. These bedding options are nice to have, as unexpected guests may arrive, you you might find the comfort level of one bed is favorable to another.

Besides bedroom options, you also have many nightly stay options. This is important because many people find that they wish to extend their stay once they experience Barcelona’s beauty. You can choose from an assortment of different options, and each one has its perks. If you choose to stay for 3 days, you can expect to find a welcome glass of champagne. Those who stay for 5 days will be treated to a fine Marq de Caceres red wine, or a nice white wine by Pedro Verde. However, if you choose a stay of 7 days you will get an excellent mediterranean dinner, and a stay of 15 or more days guarantees a free dinner twice a week, in addition to a personal clothes service.

One of the main reasons people stay at a bed and breakfast is of course, the breakfast! Amiga treats its customers to a variety of breakfast items. Most all of the breakfast ingredients are organic. You can have the option of eating eggs, cold meats, skim or soy milk, homemade croissants, yogurt or poultry dishes. Those enjoy a sweet breakfast can indulge in an assortment of chocolate pastries and cherry pie. Sometimes there is nothing more enjoyable than a nice, warm cup of coffee to go with a slice of pie in the morning.

Amiga Bed And Breakfast is one of the best choices for families who need options. The room and food options make this a place that anyone can appreciate. When you consider the enormous expense of some of the leading hotels, Amiga becomes an attractive option. People who visit Barcelona want to be able to spend their money on souvenirs,and other travel expenses throughout this culturally diverse city. Give Amiga a try and you will certainly come away impressed.