Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona

Sometimes the expense can be a bit much for 5-star hotels in Barcelona, Spain. The good news is you can get many of the same services and quality of rooms if you elect to go with a 4-star option like Casa Camper, a sister company of the cruise operators Casa camper is billed as a design hotel, and it is located in the Raval area of the city. This area is considered to be a multicultural mecca. The hotel’s location is excellent because it lies within a short distance of bars, nice restaurants and beautiful art galleries. Designs in this hotel are centered around a 19th-century gothic theme. It is a destination worth the travel, as it is widely considered to be one of the best boutique hotels in the area.

The Casa Camper hotel can has accommodations which include 20 rooms and 5 suites. You’ll find that the rooms at this hotel are created with a minimalist design. They are simple, yet elegant, and they are separated by a wall which does not sacrifice space. Many people love the fact that the bedrooms face a hanging garden, offering a beautiful view when you wake up. The rooms feature a table for work, a separate TV room area, hammock and a balcony which leads out to the street. This allows you to watch people as they go about their daily business, and you can take in the flair of Barcelona living.

On average, you can expect to pay between £200 to £221 for a night’s stay at this unique hotel. If you’re interested in a different accommodation, you might want to try the camper suite. The suites are separated by a sliding door, and they are roughly 37 square meters. These suites are situated so that the balcony faces Elisabets Street, a popular and entertaining street in which many people travel to find fine dining. if you want to book a camper suite then you must call ahead of time, as there are only 5 available at any given time.

Have you ever been to a hotel and smelled the odor of stale cigarette smoke? At Casa Camper you won’t have to worry about this, because the staff does not allow smoking indoors. Additionally, the staff is multilingual, so you can rest assured that all of your concerns will be taken care of the first time you ask a question. Their friendly room service is quick, and the reception area is open 24 hours a day.

Another unique feature is that the hotel provides bicycle rentals. This is especially handy when you want to get from point A to B in a timely fashion, without missing any of the sights that the city has to offer. If you prefer to get your exercise inside, there is a small fitness center that you will have access too as well. When you consider the free buffet breakfast, gift shop and WiFi access, this hotel really does have everything that you truly need.